Before you borrow

The entertaining 30-minute education that saves you from a life of stupid debt.

Maybe Mum and Dad have told you.

But if they didn't, think of me as a 27-year-old friend of the family who's looking out for you from afar.

Here's the deal.

Beneath our mature appearances, most of us adults are struggling with our finances. We're slaves to credit cards and monthly repayments because we're missing a critical life skill:

Recognizing when it's clever or idiotic to borrow money.

If you take five seconds to answer the question below, you'll know if you're up shit creek with the rest of us.

When does Elon Musk or Joe Rogan believe it's a good idea to borrow money?

If you're coming up blank, don't panic.

Waiting below is a guide loaded with simple rules that'll save your future ass... and you can finish it in less than 30 minutes, split over three 10-minute days.

It's free, too.

Because I'm sick of it.

I've met enough people in their mid-20s signed up to decades of misery... all because a salesman sweet-talked them into buying a shiny car on credit, or they really believed they could handle a mortgage for a home as big as Mum and Dad's.

That word. Mortgage.

Do you know what it means?

At 24, I would have said, Uhh, a loan for houses. I think.

We need to be razor sharp on this stuff.

Because every day, our eyes and ears are assaulted with advertisements. Sexy laptops with 12 months of interest-free payments, and limited-time deals on new cars that we'd be stupid to miss.

It's on us to educate ourselves and see these for what they are: a whole lot of temptation that mostly aren't in our best interests.

So, I've got you.

Before you Borrow is a fast, simple education that empowers anyone to avoid being taken advantage of by tempting offers and "opportunities".

By the way. I'm 27

Which means I remember my dry high school classes. Dry uni lectures, too. I've written this guide to prove learning doesn't have to be like that (and if it sucks, let me know at [email protected]).

I explain serious shit with entertainment. Gangsters. The Office.

There's only one heads up.

I'm going to ask you for email, age and city. Not because I'd get off on stalking you, but for two reasons.

First, I'm keen to understand who's interested in the guide, so I can tailor future ones to them.

Second, I need your email address to send you the URL and password.

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The ball's in your court. Get into it below and I'll flick you the URL and password.